Virginia Social Casino Review

Real money online casinos are becoming legal in more and more states across the US. Unfortunately, Virginia has yet to legalize online casino gambling. That being said, there are still a range of options in Virginia for fans of online casino games. BetRivers Casino4Fun is legal and free to play in Virginia.

How Does the Casino Work in Virginia?

The way BetRivers Social Casino works is pretty simple. There is no way to deposit real money to wager with. Instead, BetRivers provides a virtual currency called Virtual Coins which can be redeemed every few hours. If you run out of coins early, more can be purchased on the site as well.

Wagering with Virtual Coins works exactly the same way as with real money. If you win one of the BetRivers games, you earn back more Virtual Coins which can be used to play more games. The main difference between this site and a real money online casino is that there is no way to withdraw your winnings in the form of real money or prizes. It is not possible to send Virtual Coins to other BetRivers Casino4Fun users either.

Overall, the gameplay on BetRivers Social Casino Virginia is very similar to that of a real money casino site. Just because no real money is used doesn’t mean the site is lower quality by any means. If you have played online slots or table games before you will be sure to get the hang of BetRivers Casino4Fun in no time.

Is Virginia Social Casino Legal?

BetRivers Casino4Fun Virginia is entirely legal thanks to the fact that it is not possible to wager real money on casino games or withdraw winnings for real money. Playing online casino games is not in itself illegal in Virginia, it is the act of wagering real money and earning winnings that complicates things.

Gameplay with Virtual Coins does change the online casino experience, but this is necessary for BetRivers Social Casino VA to remain legal. Since there is no way to earn any winnings, the site is purely for entertainment purposes. It is not possible to redeem Virtual Coins for any form of prize. It is not possible to transfer Virtual Coins to other players either, as this could mean that certain players might pay other for Virtual Coins, essentially giving it a form or tangible value.

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply. Virginia Available Casino Games

Of all the social casinos out there, BetRivers has one of the best selections of online casino games. There are hundreds of different online slot games to pick from, each with a unique look and special features. BetRivers Casino4Fun also offers a good number of online table games. This is a pretty special feature, considering that most social casinos offer very limited table games. On BetRivers Social Casino VA, you can find roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more.

All the games on BetRivers Casino4Fun are high quality and easy to play. BetRivers uses game software from some of the most popular providers in the industry, including NetEnt. Overall, BetRivers Social Casino looks and feels like a real money online casino.

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