Virginia Tech Deal Aims at Virginia Sports Betting Compliance

Virginia Tech Deal Aims at Virginia Sports Betting Compliance
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Virginia Tech is the latest school to form a partnership to tackle sports betting compliance issues. This week, U.S. Integrity announced the ACC member institution has agreed to use ProhiBet “to safeguard sports integrity and ensure adherence to state-specific regulations.”

ProhiBet is a joint venture between U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance. U.S. Integrity monitors sports betting to identify fraudulent behavior or corruption. Odds On Compliance is a tech and consulting firm that helps its clients stay abreast of sports betting and gaming regulations.

The purpose behind ProhiBet is to keep student-athletes and others involved in college athletics, such as coaches and administrators, from running afoul of regulations on Virginia sports betting.

“Virginia Tech has always been dedicated to promoting fairness, transparency, and compliance in all aspects of our sports,” said Derek Gwinn, the senior associate athletics director for compliance at Virginia Tech. “Our collaboration with ProhiBet underscores our commitment to upholding the integrity of our sports programs and ensuring that our athletes, coaches, and administrative staff adhere to the ever-evolving landscape of state regulations surrounding sports betting.”

ProhiBet last week announced a similar agreement with the University of Illinois.

Hokies Player Suspended For Gambling Last Year

Virginia Tech made headlines last football season when one of its players was suspended for violating NCAA rules pertaining to sports betting.

Alan Tisdale missed the first six games of the 2022 campaign because he wagered roughly $400 on NBA games. He realized his error after sitting in on a team meeting with school compliance officials about sports betting rules. While Tisdale did not bet on college football games or his school, the NCAA prohibits student-athletes from betting on any sport at any level – professional or amateur – if the NCAA sponsors that sport. That includes Virginia sportsbook apps.

Conferences Joining With U.S. Integrity

The past month has been busy for U.S. Integrity as several Division I conferences have inked deals with the company.

Last week, the American Athletic Conference and Conference USA brought on U.S. Integrity as their sports wagering monitoring service provider. The AAC also has tasked the Las Vegas-based company with educating the conference’s student-athletes, coaches and other personnel on sports betting matters. The Big Ten also hired U.S. Integrity to provide education and to conduct integrity monitoring. The company will also monitor social media to protect participants and maintain the integrity of the conference’s events.

The Big 12’s deal with U.S. Integrity gives the conference access to ProhiBet. It and the member schools will also have access to annual on-site compliance training and weekly monitoring services.

The Mountain West also announced it would use ProhiBet to ensure its athletes, coaches and school and conference staff abide by state regulations.



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